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ヴィラ(別荘)(17)第3回ルミオンコンペティション作品|LUMION3D 正規日本総代理店リビングCG




Located in a deep mountain surrounded by thousands of trees, Vkirirom in Cambodia is an ideal place for people to put themselves into the natural environment and get away from the noisy urban lives. Sitting along with trees and animals, especially those lovely birds, people can relieve their stress from the word and enjoy themselves in this tropical forest world. Therefore, from this perspective, it is more convincible to put several tiny houses with tree-like structure among the forest rather than to build large luxury villas. In this way, as we believe, we can protect the existing environment as much as possible and make peace with all the living neighbors in the nature. People living in these “bird houses” will feel as one part of this world, just like those birds living in their home. Moreover, with a round corridor(half rooted in the earth and the other cantilevered), people can access to these bird houses very easily. On this corridor,
some small size bird houses are also located for those birds which would like to come and communicate with people. All the buildings are made by wood and acrylics glass, which are very light in weight and also friendly to the environment.

  • ヴィラ(別荘)
  • ヴィラ(別荘)